January 24th, 2014

24 Jan

My sister, Yancey is in town.  She’s coming every two weeks now.  It is amazing to have her puttering around my house.  Why amazing?  Because when I think of family, I think of her first.  To have her here is grounding.  Because her spirit and personality are attached to this earth and to me in a very personal way.  So she putters, she’s off getting the kids and then to the store for every craving I may possibly have for food.  I forgot tapioca on the list, better text it to her.

Annette, a dear friend, came over to read to me.  Reading is way beyond me now.  She wanted to read some of, “Conversations with God.”  I never read the books when they were released.  I am very interested in God and prayer and gratitude these days.  And so we read, and we talked.  Ever the Italian stereotype, Annette got me to eat some cheese and crackers.

I started to think about tiny babies.  You remember yours, or ones you have held.  Maybe not everyone, but I pictured the little nerve processes going on in little Quinn’s head.  I would look into Mac’s eyes and say, “I am someone to you.  I love you.”

And I ponder on having those experiences with my own parents.   They mean everything to an infant.  Now I find myself undoing my own connections.  Not in a “running and hiding,” kind of way.  It’s more personal: I look at each little nerve and the connection is has to me and this planet.  And then I quietly snip it.

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  1. missmelblack

    February 18, 2014 at 12:00 am

    Family. ;). Yancey is super awesome !!!


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